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Who We Serve  

C.I.A (Community Inspired Actions) is committed to serving youth, young adults and families.  Our focus is on advancing our youth by providing services and support in areas of need. See more information listed under Programs on our website.


C.I.A. is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who provide fiduciary oversite to ensure good governance and accountability.

Executive Director

Ketanya S. Moore

Co-Executive Director

Robert R. Moore

 Executive Board  

Queon Jackson    Interim President   

Joan Cogswell     Secretary          

Eureka Herring    Treasurer



 Consultant and Grant Writer    

Dr. Sandi Hagans-Morris Ed.D  

 Owner, Next Level Alliance Consulting


In 2009 Ketanya Moore started a small event planning business while maintaining her full-time. Within two years the event planning business expanded to weddings and corporate events. While continuing her full time position in the cooperate world, Ketanya found time to coordinate multiple community events. The events grew quickly demonstrating the dire need in the communities. Her hope and goal was to be financially stable, leave the corporate world, and focus solely on a nonprofit that would bring families and communities together.

In 2018 Ketanya was informed there would be restructuring of the banking company where she was employed  and numerous individuals would lose their jobs. Unfortunately, her position was eliminated. She decided NOW was the time to dedicate to pursuing her true passion - Family and Community. The Nonprofit organization was born.


                Welcome to Community Inspired Actions

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